Wack Off Wednesday

It’s a Wednesday night, you can’t be arsed to leave you room and go to Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy, so the dilemma is what to do now?  Pop the old Porn Tube on and Crack one off? (have a wank ), or take the plunge and head out.

There is a solution, pick up your phone and take a look at some of the best sites and apps to get laid without leaving the comfort of your own room.


Not a bad website at all, it lets you choose if you want to get close to a lady or a ladyboy, next step is to choose an area of Thailand and the age of a lady and off you go…..but wait, the ladies are free yes? Well no,not all of them, most ladies will set up a profile with “good lady seeking good man”, but when it comes to date night they will most likely want a payment of sorts for any sexual services that are agreed upon that night.

You can get lucky and meet a decent lady, but you have to make your own mind up on who is good and who is bad.


MizzThai is relatively new to the playing field, the site focuses on the travelling Foreigner who would like a (travelling companion”.

Ladies register free and list out what they want from the holiday, then the men decide who they would like to travel with.Shake hands and jobs a good one.

A site definitely worthy of a check out.

Now down to the nitty gritty and the apps that men use for finding the “lady of their dreams”, or a quick shag and onto the next bedpost notch.


A worldwide dating app that can be localised to where you are, Thai girls use it all the time looking for anything from a hook up to marriage.

Menu layout is as easy as it gets and away you go fishing for the night’s best catches.

Remember to watch out for the 3rd gender as here in Thailand there are many ladyboys looking for fun too.

Bee Talk

Bee Talk lets you chat to people and make friends with ladies that are in your vicinity, the app will want to use your location but it’s fast and user friendly.

I personally don’t use this app and don’t know of many guys out here that do, but it seems to be popular with Thai girls.


Possibly the most popular dating app here in Thailand, swipe right to pick a lady, swipe right if you want her to come and tickle your balls, swipe right if she’s a minger.

Also has a great feature if you see some stunner that you are left breathless to spend some cash on, a one off per day favorite like that will notify the girl you are into her.


A Chinese app that is used in China for everyday chatting like Line is in Thailand, but here in Thailand the app has been bastardized and is used for working girls and working ladyboys for a hookup, very few “normal” Thai girls use this app so be prepared to pay for a date on WeChat.

Sign up, pop your details in and check out the local area for any hot girls that want some fun, again be wary if you aren’t into ladyboys as this app seems to attract them all.

Great app with lots of features and allows you and the ladies to upload photos and videos to a “moments wall ” not dissimilar to Facebook’s timeline.


So there you have it,BKKNites gift for the week to stop you from getting lonely on a hot winter’s night, so if you feel like staying in but not on your jack jones try one of the apps or sites above and let us know how you got on.


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