If you are in search of a BJ, then Bangkok couldn’t give you any more options than it does, finding somewhere to get your pipes cleaned is a very cheap option.You also don’t have to fork out and buy said girl a lady drink like a Gogo bar.

Girls on Soi 4 are ten a penny and finding a girl to “suck and go” is as easy as ABC, and if the need is to be watching someones head bobbing up and down for 10 minutes then this is the article for you.

Some places like “wood bar” on Soi 7/1 let you choose from a line up, also lot of the bars normally have a small area at the entrance, if you are thirsty and need a drink before you do the deed the bars have you covered, sometimes the girls will take it in turns to call customers inside, she will expect you once inside to choose her.

The specialty bars of Bangkok to get your pipes cleaned are a popular choice here in The Big Mango and there is plenty of options on the go, here we list some of them.

How much should I pay?

Prices range from 700 baht to 1,000 baht for the services you require.

Where does it happen?

Normally there are private rooms in the bar put aside for the deed to take place,(some places the meat licking process happens in the bar itself),which some of you sex-pats love as it creates more excitement.

Top 5 BJ Bars 

Wood Bar
Prevsiouly known as DR BJ‘s, this infamous BJ bar is located a short walk from Nana BTS in Soi 7/1.

Blow Job: 700 Baht for nurses/1,000 Baht for consultants
Call Out: 4,000 Baht for nurses/5,000 Baht for consultants
Beer: 100 Baht
Lady Drink: 140 Baht

Star of the Light 
Hit Patpong 2, walk past Foodland which is on the right, there is a strip of bars to the right and Star of Light is behind those bars.

Blow Job: 700 Baht
Short Time: 1,000-1,500 Baht
Beer: 100 Baht
Lady Drink: 150 Baht

Moonshine Joint (Soi Cowboy)
Inside Soi Cowboy from Soi 23, its about 20-30 meters inside of Soi Cowboy.

Hand Job: 500 Baht
Blow Job: 500 Baht
Beer: 80/110 Baht (Happy Hour until 9 pm)
Lady Drink: 100 Baht

Lolitas (Sukhumvit Soi 8)
Located once again inside Soi 8, take the second turning on your right and the bar is 50 meters inside to the left. 

Blow Job: 800 Baht
Short time: 1,200 Baht
Beer: 125 Baht
Lady Drink: 150 Baht

Kasalong (Sukhumvit Soi 6)

Located inside Sukhumvit Soi 8,its the second turning on your right inside a small alley, you walk past Lolitas and its on the corner on the left hand side.

Blow Job: 800 Baht (used to be 700 Baht)
Coke: 65 Baht, Beer: 105 Baht
Lady Drink: 105-150 Baht     

So to summarize, Bangkok is the place to be for all of our seedy needs, and where else would you rather be than in Bangkok?


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