The New Kings Castle 1, Patpong Soi 1

The evening of April 27 was a rainy one in Patpong, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone attending the grand reopening of King’s Castle 1, which made a triumphant return to its original location on Soi 1, Next to Kings 2. What’s changed, you might ask? In a word, it’s bigger. Bigger space, bigger stage, bigger roster of ladies. They boast an impressive 3 rotations of around 30 girls each (numbers vary depending on the day). On this particular night, rotation 1 was wearing shiny silver crop tops and short shorts, like something the girls might wear in an old Start Trek episode where Kirk got trapped on a planet of strippers. Very sexy if you like the old Buck Rogers TV show. 2nd rotation sported bright yellow bikinis. 3rd wore those outfits that are either sexy sailor suits or Japanese school girl uniforms—I can never figure out which. In between opening night and writing this article I’ve been back several times and seen a few other outfits—mostly the usual jeans shorts and tank top fare, with a couple other cool costumes thrown in like miniskirts and tropical patterns.

In defiance of the trend around Patpong’s gogos, Kings 1 actually employs several very fit, attractive ladies. Twelve, in fact, by my count which is more than triple the average number in other bars. And if your standards aren’t as high as mine, you’re likely to think there are even more. The barfine is typical of BKK (800) and the girls all quote the latest short time extortion rate of 3,000. This is because 1—some (mainly Japanese) customers will actually pay it, and 2—they’re not keen to leave the bar. King’s pays the best wage of any bar in the RLD which is why they have the most girls and the most attractive girls, many of whom refuse to even go with customers. It makes for a nice challenge.

The amount of seating space has more than doubled. There are two rows of seats that line 3/5 of the walls, with the bar and dj booth taking up the rest. There are also stools along the stage. The seats in the front row have small stationary tables to put ones drink on. They’re at knee level which can make it hard to cozy up to a girl, unless you straddle it—the stool, that is (pic provided). Although as of writing this, they are in the process of replacing the low stools with higher, bigger ones with more drink space. The best views of the stage are on the longer walls and they get grabbed-up fast so if you want a good seat, you gotta get there early. Another plus is the aircon. Massive units hover overhead like the Galactic Empire. The girls all shiver and huddle together, but it’s a perfect temperature if you’re farang. Aside from that, the girls seem to like the new digs, and attitudes all around are up-beat. Drink prices remain the same—170 for a beer or cocktail, 220 for a lady drink. I’ve been meaning to talk to Charlie about a VIP card for regulars.

Overall, King’s 1 has managed to improve on its winning formula, which is “pack the place with babes.” Works pretty well. Hopefully other bar owners will take note. Until then, enjoy the biggest gogo on the Pong with the largest roster of hot girls.

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