The Bars of Patpong Part 2: Soi 1 East

Hey folks, it’s me Seven. I’m living the dream on your behalf, just in case you’re not able. A few weeks back I pushed out a review of the bars on the west side of Soi 1 in Patpong. Here’s its companion piece–the east side bars. I hope you find it useful.

If you’re standing on Silom Road looking down Patpong Soi 1, the first joint on your left is a Domino’s Pizza. Then a few gift shops, and then a dark hallway leading to a staircase leading to a ping pong show. The place is called Thai Lady Bar (no photo). It probably took weeks to come up with that name. Next to that, however, is

Thigh Bar, a local favorite. It’s small, dingy, and mostly staffed with less-than-hotties, but there is some talent in their motley crew who are well worth visiting. Thigh Bar is old, and no one’s put effort into fixing it up or even running a damp towel over it in years, but that’s part of its charm. That and the 90 baht Chang drafts, and the few lookers, and the old school music. It’s not really a place for tourists, but locals tend to dig it. Another plus is, it’s hardly ever crowded.

After Thigh comes another oldie but goodie: Safari Bar. This rectangular box is one of the remaining iconic bars left over from Patpong’s heyday. There’s not much pole dancing happening these days, but it does have something no other gogo has—a fish aquarium. They also serve cold beer, and there’s a small dance floor where drunk businessmen in expensive suits have been known to cut a rug with a lovely companion or three. Word on the street is it’s about to change hands, which is kind of a big deal because the owner has for the last 2,000 years been none other than Mrs. Patpong, and she’s notorious for turning down offers to buy. One guy in the 1990s even tried walking in with a cashier’s check for a million dollars and she turned him down. So whoever she finally caves to will have to be someone pretty special (I know who it is but I’m forbidden to spill the beans—don’t wanna jinx it).

Next is Twilo, a live music bar with lots of seating and air-con pumping out onto the soi. There are no walls or windows along the front, so technically it’s an open-air bar. This place gets rocking between 10 and 12, and the cover band is pretty good. If you’re onPong with your girlfriend or a group friends, it’s a good place to let your hair down. You can dance if you want to, even if your friends don’t dance.

Across the side soi from Twilo is SuperStar Beer Bar, named because it’s butted up against SuperStar. But we’ll get to that one in a minute. SS Beer Bar opens quite early—like, 11 am early—so if you’ve got nothing to do and you want to chill out on a very empty, very quiet Patpong all day, you can do it there. No indoor seating though, so bring something to towel off with.

Then comes SuperStar, another one that’s been in business since the beginning and they haven’t redecorated at all. Stepping inside is like stepping back in time. They also play a lot of the classics—ACDC, Scorpions, even the Jackson 5. Always girls in bikinis onstage. It’s a loud and rowdy place. The staff are very friendly, and, um…..aggressive.

After SuperStar is a staircase leading up to Queen’s 2, a ping pong show. I didn’t go in.

Then comes the big daddy of the Pong—King’s Castle 1. It’s the biggest gogo in the RLD and boasts over 100 girls, though not always at the same time. The stage is always packed, though, and the owner likes to mix things up with new outfits almost every week. He clearly watched American TV in the 80s because the uniforms look like something you’d see in the old Buck Rogers show, or the first Battlestar Galactica series. Or Charlie’s Angels when Farrah Fawcett was still one of the gals. It’s quite a spectacle. Although it’s always jammed and very loud, the girls are fun company, even more fun if you get a few tequilas in ‘em, and everyone always leaves the place smiling. Well, I do at least, and I’m in there every night. Beers and cocktails are 170, while drinks for girls are 220.

King’s 1’s sister bar is next. It’s creatively named King’s 2. It’s a lot smaller than King’s 1 but it has the same vibe and same drink prices. The girls are a little friendlier, and their outfits follow a more strict bikini-or-short-shorts pattern. There aren’t as many gorgeous ladies in King’s 2 compared to King’s 1, but you can relax a bit more and get to know a girl better in 2. The dancers are friendlier and a little more playful.

Just past King’s 2 is a staircase leading to Happy Bar. It’s a ping pong show. Blink and you’ll miss it but for the eager Thai barkers out front.

After that is Muzik 3, another live music bar. It’s loud and raucous and a lot of fun, if you like that kind of thing. No walls, just blasting air-con and blaring tunes.

Then there’s another cross alley and on the opposite corner from Muzik is King’s corner beer bar. It’s a great place to people watch, and there are lots of friendly female staff who’ll sit and chew the fat with you.

Just beyond the beer bar is King’s Corner gogo. It’s a half-n-half (half girls, half ladyboys). Friendly staff. Did I mention half the dancers are ladyboys? Just wanted to make sure.

Then comes the famous Super Pussy. It’s another ping pong joint. I don’t have a photo of that one because when I went to take it, the dude out front demanded 100 baht. I laughed and walked away.

And last but probably best is Shenanigans Irish Sports Bar, on the corner of Soi 1 and Surawong Road. This joint is a pot of gold at the end of the Patpong rainbow. Great food, even better beers n’ such on tap, sports going on multiple screens, and live music almost nightly, from the Bangkok Beatles to the Midnight Ramblers. The place is always jammed with happy customers and the staff are stellar.

That wraps things up for the east side of Soi 1. For more info on this soi, check out my previous review of the bars on the west side:

And for nightly updates on red-light goings on, follow me on Twitter @BangkokSeven or browse the photo archive on my FB page. Next time: the bars of Patpong Soi 2 West. It’ll be long. Very long.