To sponsor or not to sponsor? In years gone by men would come to Thailand and sponsor ladies, how do they do that you ask? Don’t think so much of Chrysler sponsoring Man U but think of it more as a timeshare, you pay the girl a monthly fee and when you come to visit her in Thailand you and she are an item….but, please don’t think its an exclusive deal as she will have many men sending her money and whispering how much she loves them not just you, and sucking some guys cock whilst you are sending money is not a second thought to her.

What I am curious about and can’t figure this out, is why in this day and age of social media does a man not know it’s a scam, shes not exclusive, she is not waiting for you at home and why would you send her your hard earned cash just for some sexy photos and the odd phone call a few nights a week, are you really so desperate to be loved? Are you so desperate that you think this is normal?

I have a mate, he loves to visit the nightlife area’s of Bangkok and often gives me advice, now as I mentioned in previous posts I fall in love so very easy so bar girls and I aren’t a good mix, where I want to exchange line ID and phone numbers he often tells me “go short time get in and get out and no number swapping”

So my advice for you guys that are thinking about paying monthly signing up for that contract and thinking you are getting fringe benefits then don’t do it, go for the old pay as you go system, if you want your cock sucked then pay for it, if you want a girlfriend experience then pay it as a one-off, but please please don’t fall for the old I love you bullshit and send money, you have a duty to fellow Farangs and stop this mad practice.