So, you’ve come to Thailand and you’re looking to party

Bangkok Nightlife and Adult Entertainment
So, you’ve come to Thailand and you’re looking to party, meet Thai girls and explore the region?
Throughout this post, I’ll tell you where’s hot and where’s not, which places to avoid and where to book
escorts in Thailand. No matter if you’re a businessman travelling from Japan or a British expat looking for
cheap beer, Thailand has something for everyone and is suitable for all sorts of budgets. Without further
ado, here is my guide to Thailand’s legendary night-life!

Clubs in Bangkok
Interested in clubbing?
Bangkok offers a great clubbing scene to all of those looking for a way to let off some steam in Thailand’s
capital city. The beauty of partying in Bangkok is that there’s a wide enough range of clubs to never get
stuck for choice. From live music to hip-hop clubs, natives and tourists alike find themselves together
having a fantastic time in Bangkok’s nightclubs.
Below you’ll find five of the most popular clubs in Bangkok to better help you find what you’re looking for.
Make sure to spend some time browsing online before you go out to find everything that’s on offer in

Cé La Vi:

Music: Pop & Hip-Hop
Finding Ce La Vi is simple as it’s nearby the Chong Nonsi BTS Station in the Sathorn Square Building.
On arrival you’ll notice a corridor lined with candles and drapes; alongside this Ce La Vi have hired
professional dancers to enchant everyone who enters. Truly a fantastic way to begin your night out.
Ce La Vi is one of the most popular clubs in Bangkok and receives a wide variety of visitors from Thai’s
to Tourists. In terms of music, you can look forward to all of your favourite pop and hip-hop songs, as
well as some more underground deep house and EDM on other nights which is great for those who don’t
want to feel like a fish out of water which can sometimes be the case when clubbing in a new country.
When planning to go out to Ce La Vi, make sure to dress smartly to make a good impression as you
might just get lucky. This club offers a dance-floor, booths to sit in and an open-air terrace to catch your
breath after partying all night. Moreover, when visiting Ce La Vi you’ll notice that the cocktails are as
fantastic as the rest of the service throughout the establishment and there’s a real sense that they aim to
uphold a professional standard which is great to see.
Overall I’d have to say that Ce La Vi is excellent for those internationals looking to experience Bangkok
clubbing at its finest. Delicious cocktails, a fantastic design and an up-to-date track-list make this place
one of the best in Bangkok for the younger generation.

Music: House, pop, techno
Originally popular with Thai residents, Beam is quickly becoming the place to be for Westerners travelling
to Bangkok. The audience of this club tends to be the younger generation, ready to party. If you’re
planning on visiting Beam, dress your best and the rest will follow.
The pumping sound system in Beam is fantastic and often plays genres such as techno, house, pop and
more. The venue itself looks fantastic and they definitely cut no corners when it comes to the lighting
system and overall atmosphere of the club. I’d definitely recommend Beam for those looking to
experience Bangkok nightlife at its prime… not for the faint hearted.

Dj Station:

Music: Pop, house, cabaret

For those who love to dance, party and enjoy Dj’s and cabaret, DJ Station is definitely on the list. This
spectacular club has built a huge reputation throughout the whole of Asia as being party central,
especially amongst the gay community. As one of the larger gay clubs in Bangkok, it’s no surprise that
visitors can expect a truly fabulous time here.

Cabaret starts at 11:30 p.m., which tends to be the time at which everyone rocks in. A combination of
Thai and Western tourists make up the audience and you can expect to meet a diverse range of people
throughout the evening. This place is a really good laugh and will always leave you with a fantastic
memory of Bangkok’s thriving nightlife scene.

Route 66:

Music: live music, hip-hop, Thai pop

Self-named as the best club in Bangkok, Route 66 is clearly very proud of the business which they have
built. With a range of upcoming events to look forward to, the constantly changing club is great for those
who get sick of hearing the same pop songs in every night-club.
For those looking for live-music, hip-hop and Thai pop, you can expect Route 66 to be the club for you.
With a huge capacity and a thriving atmosphere, club-goers to Route 66 tend to have a fantastic time
and it’s also a great place to meet new people. Once again, a diverse audience comes here, some solely
for the live music nights and huge crowds that populate the venue.

Levels Club & Lounge:
Music: Hip-Hop,

EDM, PopMy list of night-clubs in Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Levels Club and Lounge. This
awesome club is great for those looking for a club with a funky twist; themed nights, ladies nights and
plenty of other events make Levels a seriously great spot to party. Expect to see face-paint and gorgeous girls dancing on stages.
From hip-hop to EDM, this club takes it to a new level; aiming to provide a little something for everyone.
Party the night away in one of Bangkok’s most extraordinary nightclubs and expect a truly wild night out!

Adult Entertainment
Meeting Bangkok Escorts
A huge amount of tourists visit Bangkok every year with the prospect that they can meet a beautiful Thai
girl to spend time with and maybe even stay with and take back to their home country. Sadly, this isn’t
the reality for most tourists and they realize that scoring a Thai girl isn’t as easy as it looks on paper.
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worth the money. Like everything else in Thailand, you can look forward to competitive prices. So long as
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evening with your chosen Thai babe.
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Indulge in Thai Massage
Full body Thai massage is a fantastic way to reduce stress, increase how long you last in the bedroom
and improve the quality of blood-flow. Full body Thai massage is incredibly popular throughout Bangkok
and across the whole of Thailand; if you’re still yet to book in for one I’d definitely recommend doing so
Massage is gaining increasing popularity throughout Thailand and in such, many different branches of
massage have begun to flourish. Included throughout these, the most popular seem to be:


Full Body Thai Massage

Nuru Massage
Soapy Massage
Prostate Massage
Testicle Massage
Four Hands Massage

Choosing the correct massage for your individual needs and preferences is just as essential as choosing
which agency, independent masseuse or massage parlor will be delivering your massage. Numerous
health benefits are correlated to the above massages, as well as the obvious benefit of being massaged
by a gorgeous Thai girl. To learn more about the many erotic massages available throughout Thailand,
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help to avoid any awkward moments!

Explore the Go-Go Bars Throughout Thailand:
For those looking to visit a nightclub and watch gorgeous female dancers perform, a Go-Go bar in
Bangkok is definitely the right venue for you. Go-Go bars throughout Thailand vary in terms of the music
they play, the atmosphere which they provide and in what the ladies are willing to do. Whilst some simply
dance and set the mood of the club, others are much more promiscuous and may ask for drinks in
exchange for sexual favors. Choosing which Go-Go bar you’d like to visit first is tough as there’s plenty to
choose from, I’d definitely recommend searching for Go-Go bars near your accommodation to find the
most suitable for you.
Other Entertainment
The nightlife in Bangkok is truly world-class, however, if you’re looking for something to do that’s slightly
different from the norm, why not check out my recommendations below and see what best suits your
Sing Sing Theatre:
This club boasts a fantastic eastern themed interior design, hanging decorations and a fantastic sound
system. Whilst the crowd here tends to be people in their 30’s-40’s, the club itself thrives in providing
something a little out of the ordinary, frequent “themed parties”. This bar and theatre has a great
reputation and is definitely worth the visit to those who haven’t been yet.

Calypso Bangkok:

No trip to Thailand is complete without having a taste of transgender káthoey cabaret first-hand; make
sure to visit the fantastic Calypso, Bangkok, to see why millions flock to Bangkok every year.
This venue offers a truly spectacular evening filled with lights, glamour, beauty and drama. You can
expect to impress whoever you bring here as they experience culture-shock in the most extraordinary
fashion. I’d say this isn’t for the faint hearted, but in my opinion, maybe this is what it takes to break the


Lumpinee Boxing Stadium:
For those who find the human body and all it can accomplish as fascinating as me, I’d definitely have to
recommend taking a journey over to the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium where you can watch the most
impressive modern Thai boxing in person. Since opening in 1956, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium has quickly
become symbolic of the Muay Thai tradition. Experiencing Muay Thai first-hand will blow your mind as
you see what people are truly capable of. To learn more about Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, make sure to


My favorite part of visiting Thailand is watching the national sport of Takraw which is always immense, to
say the least. Sepek Takraw is basically “kick volleyball” and is native to Southeast Asia. Enjoying a trip
to see Takraw performed live is definitely worth a go and in doing so you’ll see some seriously intense
kicks and sportsmanship. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of this, take a moment to view a few games
online and feel your jaw drop before your eyes.