Should you and could you date a girl who works in the sex industry?

Its a hot topic at the best of times, and mostly likely to raise more than just emotions, plus it certainly can and will cause upset and offence. So is it possible to do?

I really can’t comment on others and its a situation that is so very personal, and it all depends on the persons involved and what ever I comment will upset someone.
For me and only my opinion for what little its worth, its a no go zone, as much as a health issue as anything, but also I’d not want my gf bonking other fellas even if is was just a job, and that is the other issue, is it really just another job?… Well no its not a sexual relationship between two people is kind of an exclusive part of a relationship, not shared with lots of others. Whilst I do understand its just a job for some girls, maybe the needs must as it could be the primary objective to earning reasonable money, but at what cost, health is one issue, safety another, and mental health also something to consider. The old saying is… You can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl”…. it becomes easy money and very difficult to go back to mundane work on much less pay. Let’s face it we all live to or beyond our means at times.
Now I don’t consider those girls bad people, its circumstances, some of personal choice and some because its been pushed upon them. Pressure to provide also come from the family, which lets say the family have to accept when they put pressure on their women to earn money for the family working in the sex industry is sometimes going to happen, especially when everyday jobs are not common or well paid. Less family pressure to provide money the less girls will take up the oldest profession.
Anyway, I’m sure we have all met these workers in one way shape or form. I’ve made friends with a few over the years, but that’s as far as it goes, I’d even admit I fancied the odd one or two, but its a dangerous game getting too attached to someone who works in that profession. I’m sure some though maybe not many could enjoy it, bit having a boyfriend and being a working girl crosses a few personal boundaries. I guess you can have a boyfriend or be a working girl but both at the same time, are not going to mix well its a recipe for problems. There are girls who will say ” Its only a job to earn money nothing important”… but how many would accept you bonking around each week to earn money?…. Thai girls being Thai girls, I doubt many would accept it… its one or the other not both.
So circumstances are forced upon many, its difficult to turn down, what is good money when there are little or few alternatives. The big question is that those in power should be doing their level best to create other opportunities, but then we all know its never going to happen, its all too convenient to let things be as they are, anyway there are some that control the business and they make very good money.
I guess its like enjoying a few beers…. it can be a very fun filled life, with plenty of attention, and lots of freebies, so in one way it could be difficult to give up.