All that Glitters….

All that Glitters…. A sparkling Songkran in Patpong – Part One It is Songkran 2022 and my pal Jack Nites and I, the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza of Bangkok’s RLDs, the chivalrous lensman of […]


Patpong Now!

Patpong is evolving, stepping away from the stereotypical “Red Light Zone” andputting on exciting and noteworthy events. In June alone, we had hundreds ofvisitors to some amazing and eclectic evenings.Cayenne Pepper’s I Wanna Bangkok was […]


The Strip – Photo Gallery

The girls from The Strip in Patpong 2 are well and truly back in the swing of things, bars from June the 1st are officially back and this should be one of the first places […]


Flashback Photo Spread: XXX Lounge

Hey everyone, Bangkok Seven here. Part-time BKKNites writer and self-exiled gogo rat. It’s time for another Sunday Rap. Thank Buddha for photos, am I right? Especially when something crazy happens, like a pandemic shutting down […]


Memories of Patpong

Patpong Bangkok 10500 Thanon Patpong Alley 1 and 2 It’s been written about, appeared in films and many a television series, hosted one or two parties, been frequented by a million worshipers…but there is a […]


Barbar Reopens Tonight

Bar Bar, Patpong soi 2, will reopen today at 5 PM. I am told that it will serve “real” fried eggs, together with “bottoms up” toast. Given the nature of the venue, that should be […]