Oktoberfest Party – XXX Lounge

It’s Friday night in Bangkok, and where should my pal Jack Nites and I be, other than in a nightlife area,quaffing ale and serving wenches? This time it’s XXX-Lounge in Patpong 2. Mr Nites […]


All that Glitters….

All that Glitters…. A sparkling Songkran in Patpong – Part One It is Songkran 2022 and my pal Jack Nites and I, the Don Quixote and Sancho Panza of Bangkok’s RLDs, the chivalrous lensman of […]


Memories of Patpong

Patpong Bangkok 10500 Thanon Patpong Alley 1 and 2 It’s been written about, appeared in films and many a television series, hosted one or two parties, been frequented by a million worshipers…but there is a […]