Nana Group Girls Dazzled – Prizes Snaffled in Staff Raffle

Last Friday we grafters here at Bangkok Nites HQ were invited by the senior management of the Nana Group to capture on film and participate in a recruitment drive in their bars in Nana Plaza: Lollipop, Angelwitch, DC 10 and Obsession.

Times have been tough for bar owners and their staff.  Nana Plaza has been closed for most of the last 26 months; some staff found alternative work, but many went “up country” to live rent-free with their families.  Many have not returned, and many bars are short-staffed.  The Nana Group management wanted to show their appreciation to their current staff and encourage them to bring their friends and family along to work in one of their venues.  So, camera in hand, we made quick-fire visits to each of the bars, shooting away as all staff were thanked for being part of the group. 

The bosses arranged a raffle in each bar: open to all staff, prizes ranged from 1,000 to 10,000 baht with a bottle of whiskey thrown in for good measure.  The excitement mounted as the staff’s numbers were placed in a box, the atmosphere electric as a customer reached in to pull out a number, the girls working themselves into a frenzy as the winning numbers were revealed.  Dancers, mamasans, male and female service staff all won prizes.  The most enjoyable part of the evening was watching the excitement not just of the staff, but also the punters present and the Boss Man, who seemed to enjoy giving his money away – always nice to know!

Two hours later, a hundred photos taken and a load of staff members rewarded, it was nearing time to go home.  Just one quick beer, a final few images of the lucky winners and we disappeared into the night.