The real reason why some older guys come to Thailand……

Yup I’m over 40… well now well over 40, so why did I give up the good life in the UK?

Sound business, good money, good social standing, lots of friends. Well I’ve been lucky…. got a great family (daughters and extended family) taken on some amazing responsibilities for my community and even taken time out to travel extensively for 20 years.

But Thailand why?…. No and stop that thought now…. sex tourists, whoremongers, dirty old men… “sexpats” we heard it all, for a western man in Thailand. I take great offence to such insinuation, and if I was a Thai person, I’d be insulted by the idea that Thailand has nothing to offer than cheap thrills to old men.

Great food, year round warm weather,, misty mountains, countless golden beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, affordable quality healthcare, and personal safety, a high quality of living, 24/7 or open all hours shopping, a culture which is also stimulating and interesting, plus I can get everything I like from my old life style.

The reason so many of us older guy come out to live here in Thailand has nothing to do with sex, It’s about respect and longevity. If I was back home, I might just get a free bus pass, a half price movie ticket, or a discount hair cut….that is about as much respect I’ll get from a Western culture who’s over 50’s are just supposed to sit at home and wait patiently to die!

No here in Thailand…. older folks are revered and valued for their wisdom, we get credit for lasting this long, nobody is shocked to see us on the dance floor giving it large or at the gym or to have a younger person as our companion. We get to live active lifestyles for longer, we can do as we wish, as long as our bodies and minds can deal with it. Nobody is pushing us to a nursing home, we are respected, loved and cared.

Recently, my partner lost her great grandmother… yes family did what was required, but neighbours, friends, people from the village and even strangers got involved, it was more a celebration of life that mourning a death.

So in truth….. us older guys move here….. to keep on living a better quality of life than what is given or provided to us that where we were born.