King’s 1 Patpong’s Temporary location: a Gogo Review

While the old King’s 1 on Patpong Soi 1 is being remodeled, the girls and their DJ have relocated to the site of what was either an old fishbowl or abandoned gentleman’s club above the King’s Club pool tables opposite King’s Corner II near Paddy Field. In the interest of research, I’ve visited this establishment 11 out of the last 12 nights. The venue is a large open room with high ceilings and a large stage against one wall, with chairs around it offering a terrific, crotch-level view of the dancers. There are also several wide booths lining the opposite wall that provide a more wide-angle perspective, as well as a VIP room with one-way glass, though I’ve yet to see anyone use it. The area behind the bar and along the walls are dotted here and there with smaller stages, and on nights when a lot of girls are working, you get a fairly impressive 360 degree view of dancers all around the club. The lighting is markedly better than the old King’s 1, which is good and bad. Good that you can see the girls more clearly, and bad that you can see the girls more clearly.

Drink prices have remained the same—170 for a beer or cocktail, 130 for water or soda, 220 for a lady drink. The music is the same, leaning more toward the taste of the staff and dancers than the customers, but that’s forgivable. The toilets are 100% better, and the same friendly attendant will make sure you leave with clean hands and your fly zipped up.

On opening night, there were a few glitches. The air con didn’t work, and the music kept cutting out for minutes at a time, and the girls seemed quite shy about being well-lit. But after that bumpy start, everyone seemed to find their stride and it’s been sunshine and rainbows every day since. If you are prone to Pong and haven’t yet been, I recommend popping in at least once before they relocate back to the remodeled location in two months’ time. Get there early, though, as seating is limited and it fills (mainly with Japanese tourists) to standing room only by around 9:30. I had a chat with the head honcho, Charlie, who said that when the Soi 1 remodel is completed, it will be the largest gogo in Patpong, and his goal is to have 200 girls per night. If he can pull that off, it’ll be a sight to behold. Right now they have around 90 girls per night, which is nothing to sneeze at. It’s a good mix of newbies and veterans, and they seem for the most part to enjoy their new digs. If you want to make the most of your visit, I suggest bringing a couple friends, getting a big booth, and having one of the staff order in some food from Tip-Top. And of course, having a dancer join you for a drink and a friendly bounce on your knee.