Gogo Girls Go Digital

What’s up, reader? How’s your Thailand lockdown limbo treatin’ ya? We’ve survived another week—another nondescript, carbon-copy of the last umpteen number of weeks, and a preview of the next two months at least. One upside for us is, the authoritarian measures here are a direct result of ineptitude, as opposed to the West, where governments are indulging in their sadistic penchant for fascism. It means that—for us at least—there’s hope of an eventual return to normalcy, though whether it’ll come in time to save the red-light district is unknown, and increasingly unlikely with each passing day.

The gogo dancers and bar girls aren’t waiting any longer. They have to feed their families, and so they’re adapting to the new abnormal by taking their wares from the pole to the internet. Over the past few weeks, I’ve come across some old red-light chestnuts—not on the skytrain or the supermarket, but on Only Fans by way of Twitter. And so, for this week’s Sunday Rap, we here at BKKNites want to share some with you…

Ae and Aung are a couple of old friends from Soi 6. They both worked at Wrath Bar, and when I knew them, they were a pair of goodtime gals who helped turn a lazy afternoon of daydrinking into a party. They were unassailable. They seemed to be in a permanent state of effervescence. I’m often amazed by the optimism and good-naturedness of bar girls and gogo dancers. A Western girl in their line of work would be a prime candidate for cynicism. But Thai girls never seem to let life get them down. And I suppose this shift to online work is a prime example. When Ae and Aung lost their jobs, they didn’t give up. They didn’t pack it in and head back to mom’s house in Isaan. They pivoted. They’re a success story. And if I may pay them both one more compliment, they have great memories. Every time I set foot on the 6 over the past few years, no matter how much time passed between the last, Ae and Aung remembered me, shouting “Se-VENNNNN!” from a hundred meters off. Amazing. 

Jany and Daisy are friends of the Wrath girls. They might’ve even worked there, for all I know. I don’t remember them, but I’ll say this: they’re photogenic. And while we’re on the topic of Soi 6 girls turned online stars, I’ve included the Twitter and Only Fans homepages for Jjeal, and Niki, purely for their hotness. They turn out content that positively sizzles.

Switching to local girls, here are a couple of our friends in Bangkok. Soda used to do the snake show at The Strip. Since then, she’s bounced around Patpong, and up until the pandemic, spent most of her time in BarBar. She’s become something of a fetish queen, and watching her transition into that role was like watching a round peg find its way to a round hole. She’s definitely a “type,” what with her shaved head and Rubenesque frame, but she’s a longtime pal and an all-around cool chick. She gets our seal of approval.

The undisputed champion of this pandemic-induced pivot is Fernie. You’ve probably heard of her. If you read our past blogs, you definitely heard of her. She’s a friend of BKKNites and we love giving her a shout-out whenever we can. She’s an example of how to turn this online “it-girl” thing into a career. Her tireless work ethic and “never say no” attitude are an inspiration.

And that’s our current roster of fave Thai red-light girls-turned-online-girls. We’ve included their Twitter pages for those mongers who don’t want to fork out cash for Only Fans, though you can imagine the content behind the paywall is…ahem! Hotter. If you’re curious, though, a couple girls offer free content on OF and/or a free trial.

And if you’re hankering for more pics of locked-down unemployed gogo dancers, head over to my website: patpongnightlife.com for the latest from Ice, Pui, Nuchy, and Lalita.

Until next week, friends—keep your fridge stocked, your hopes up, and cheers to another week closer to the end of the fun ban.