Friday @Glamour Bangkok

Friday 5pm, what to do this weekend? I’m thinking long and hard about staying in and having a chilled night when a Line message pops up from old Stickboy asking “if I want a few beers in Shenanigans in Patpong”?

Now if anyone who knows Stick is reading this,you know a few beers ain’t ever going to happen so I agree ha ha. So off to Patpong it is.

A quick heads up for anyone who is into music of the Irish variety – you need to check out Shenanigans Error 99, they are quite simply superb.

Several beers later and we head off to Glamour in Patpong 2 and settle down for a beer and a look at what’s on offer. I get asked if I would like to take some snaps as I happen to have my camera with me, “Does a bear shit in the woods?” I ask myself.

It’s close to midnight, the girls and myself have had a few beers but with camera in hand I set about the task with relish.

One thing I must say, the girls are hot and great fun. I highly recommend this bar. You’d be a mug not to check them out so get yourself along to one of the best bars in Patpong and buy one of these cuties a drink.