Freelancers in Bangkok

What is a freelancer?

It’s a girl or ladyboy who works on her own terms and has her own prices, She normally doesn’t work in a gogo bar or massage parlor and wouldn’t work in one specific bar.

Some of these girls will have day to day jobs, maybe working in a bank or a shopping outlet, she won’t have the restrictions of working in a gogo bar where some bars are fine the girls for being late or take too long with a customer. She negotiates her own own prices and her daily schedule is up to how she feels, without any hassle from a boss or mamasan.

The girls who have regular jobs will sometimes hit well-known nightclubs, she can go with friends or alone and wait for the right guy to pick her up for “a price.

Street Freelancers

You will find lot of these girls hanging opposite the entrance to Nana Plaza around the Nana Hotel Sign, Also there is a mixed bag of girls and ladyboys that stand on the sidewalk outside of McDonald’s on Soi 5 (some hide away inside making use of the free air con).

The girls that use these locations can be anything from a young hot 20 year old to the old girls looking for a final pay day.

Thai girl freelancers in nightclubs

The girls who have regular jobs will sometimes hit well-known nightclubs, normally they hunt in packs with friends, but are not afraid to go it alone and wait for the right guy to pick her up for “a price.

Once midnight strikes and Cinderella has to go home, the nightclubs will fill up with some amazing looking girls, Climax and Insanity are great pick up joints to find girls, also Levels is well known for it.

Thermae Bar Bangkok

All the girls in the Thermae Bar are freelancers and whilst you would be crazy to pick up your future wife from here it’s well worth a visit.

The bar is located on the corner of Sukhumvit and Soi 15 and once inside there will be a cirlce of girls ready to greet you and you are then free to walk around and choose or talk to a girl of your liking, remember there is no bar fine and it’s up to the girl if she will go with you are not.

This bar is mainly for the Japanese gentleman for a quick sojourn late into the nightexpect prices to be a little more expensive as the girls will sometimes reject in favor of the men from the rising sun.

Popular spots for Freelancers

Whist you can pick up a freelancer anytime of the day, the main areas around Sukhumvit Soi 4,Soi 11 and the walk from Soi 3 to Terminal 21 are busiest between 1 am until 2 am the bars start to close.

A word of Warning
For all the great things about street girls or freelancers, be more careful when picking these ladies up,as there is possibly no health checks on these girls or management to say you got a crappy service.


Be expected to pay anywhere from 1,000 baht up to 2,500 baht, but remember this is normally for 1 shot and 2 hours, if you want an overnight stay be prepared to pay anywhere from 3,000 – 6,000 for a hotter girl to keep you warm all night.