Flashback Photo Spread: The Strip Part 2

Well, now…I can honestly say that—for the first time since April—I’m cautiously optimistic. Follow me down this rabbit hole: So the Thai govt has decided to reopen malls, gyms, restaurants, etc. to vaccinated customers. Which is great news. I literally took a 2-hour walk around Silom on Friday just to see which places were dusting off tables and sweeping floors. Spoiler alert: Le Bouchon are ready for September 1. But then I thought, hang on a tick. If the mitigating factor to opening businesses is, vaxxed folk may enter because they are safe by way of being vaxxed, then why the fuckity duckfuck can’t everything reopen under the same conditions? A vaxxed gogo hound is just as vaxxed as a vaxxed restaurant patron. So here’s my thinking: The Thai govt have caught themselves in a trap of logic. If I’m vaxxed, I’m vaxxed, which means if I’m safe, then I’m safe everywhere. Which means, there’s no reason to prohibit gogo bars and red-light districts from reopening under the same conditions. What’s safe for the mall shopper is safe for the monger. It’s science. There is no sane argument against it. Although speaking of logic, why the arbitrary date of September 1st??? What difference does it make if vaxxed people start going to restaurants now or wait 3 more days? And why in the everloving FUCK is alcohol still banned? What is the connection between booze, vaccinated customers, and Covid? What kind of stupid brainless shit is this? I suppose the answers to all these questions is, because the Thai govt is comprised of fucking retards. But I’m beyond criticizing them at this point. I think we’re all so grateful for this tiny giving back of some morsel of fun, the only apt response is respectful silence.

And so, with our hearts positively brimming with hope, we here at BangkokNites bring you yet another nostalgic look back at what we hope will be one of the last times we have to actually look “back.” And yes, we’ve covered this gogo before, but cut us a break—we’ve been working with archival material for 15 straight weeks. Also, this is our favorite gogo, and thus deserves twice the love. I’m Bangkok Seven, the photos are courtesy of Jack Nites, and this is the Sunday Rap. Here’s another lascivious look behind the red satin curtains of The Strip.

It’s hard to talk about this lovely little joint without repeating ourselves. For nearly a decade, it’s had a je ne sais quoi that set it apart from other gogos. Wait, what am I saying? I know exactly quoi it’s been so awesome all this time. First and foremost, the girls who dance there have always been and—despite a complete turnover of chicks every few years—continue to be exquisite, unique, and marvelous. Their attitude, sexiness, and fervor for fun above all else makes for a constantly enjoyable show, enticing companionship, and gonad-inspiring titillation every night of the week, 52 weeks a year. Second, the mamasan and bar staff are as laid-back, friendly, and helpful as you’ll ever find in a RLD. They remember your drink order and make a monger feel at home on every visit. Third, the place manages to exude a kind of hip originality that endures year in and year out. That’s partly from the cool choice of uniforms for the girls—the most famous being the quintessential Supergirl outfit—and also the eclectic set of tunes in their Virtual DJ playlist. One great aspect that’s been lost, that I hope they take up again in the future, was a Belgian beer menu that included Witte, Kwak, Palm, and Tripel Karmeleit. The combination of terrific, intoxicating bev and the bevy of bewitching babes put The Strip on a level few gogos could aspire to.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what incarnation The Strip springs upon the world once the red-lights reopen. I’m betting it’ll be spectacular.

Swing by next week for another Rap (hopefully there will be more good news for us between now and then), and if you need another fix of photos of femmes from the gogo, head over to patpongnightlife.com where I’ve posted some of the activities the girls got up to during lockdown. Later, dudes.