Flashback Photo Spread: Shark Bar, Soi Cowboy – 2017

What’s up, mongers? How’s your Sunday going? Bad? Thinking about jumping off your balcony from the sheer boredom caused by the Thai government’s fun-ban? Well, don’t jump yet. First, we here at BKKNites have a morsel of good news for ya, and second, we here at BKKNites have another sexy gogo dancer photo album to feast your eyes upon.

First, the good news: In their infinite wisdom, our benevolent overlords, the military-turned-politicians in the Thai government have deigned to loosen their iron fists just a little, tiny bit. With the planned ‘sandbox’ areas in the south starting in two weeks and a bold-but-malleable prediction of a fully-open Thailand by October 1, we valiant lotharios who’ve been denied our right to party have a glimmer of hope. Additionally, there are rumors floating around the red-lights of 1—restaurants staying open till 11:00 and 2—gogos reopening around September. Sure, these might just be rumors, and sure, our beloved autocrats can change their minds from day to day, but c’mon. We need something to cling to. And it’s all we have, so let’s savor this small, miniscule, sparse, scanty morsel of somewhat good news.

And now, on to the chicks.

In 2017 (yes, we’re digging deep in the archives now), Jack Nites was in Shark Bar on Soi Cowboy to document the now seemingly dated hotness of that magical time. On re-perusing these sweet pics, two things came to mind: 1—those tiny shorts need to make a comeback, and 2—fast food has ruined the gogo population of Bangkok. I mean, shit—look at how skinny these chickies were! 

It’s amazing how fast the average gogo bar’s roster went from 90% fit girls and a smattering of fatties to a majority of chubby, fluffy, gelatinous, rotund, hefty, portly, fleshy, tubby, paunchy, chunky chubsters, with a handful of skinny girls. 2021 is a chubby-chaser’s time to shine. God, I miss pre-KFC Thailand.

2017 was also a great year because it pre-dated the age of widespread nose jobs and colored contact lenses. In short, it was a time when Thais looked like Thais. Cute, thin, diminutive, innocent, sweet, and simply sexy. I don’t know about you but I prefer their natural look to the amalgamated velociraptors so common among the pole dancers around town in recent years. Of the lovely vixens you see pictured here, most have stayed in the life, although they’ve moved on to other venues. Some have transformed into…”big” girls. One upside to the long gogo shutdown is, some of them might’ve dropped weight through forced starvation. On the other hand, the opposite could just as easily have happened. When gogo dancers have nothing to do but sit around all day and eat, their potential to blow up is……..increased. Here’s hoping they return to the pole more svelte.

For those of you who, like me, prefer a six-pack on a slender gal, enjoy these buoyant beauties and their delicious little short-shorts. In the immortal words of Cher, “If I could turn back time!” I’d be neck-deep in these amazing muses.

If you need something else to read today, I’ve got a Covid rant posted over at my website. It’s not as enticing as this photo album, but if you’re as sick and tired of this horse shit as I am, you may find it poignant: http://patpongnightlife.com/2021/06/20/can-we-talk-about-covid/

And until next week, keep your balls warm, your beer chilled, and here’s to the fantastical femmes of Shark Bar circa 2017. Wherever you are—and however girthy you’ve become—we salute you. Cheers.