Flashback Photo Spread: Lollipop, Nana Plaza

Hey everyone, how’s your fun ban going? My name’s Bangkok Seven, and this is the Sunday Rap. If you’re like me, these dog days of lockdown doldrums are getting stale. And if—like me—you’re really, really, really missing the gogo bars, and more specifically, the goodtime gals that work in said gogo bars, we here at Bangkok Nites have your dose of monger methadone. This week (just like the last several weeks), we’ve got a cure for what ails in the form of another flashback photo album, this time from Lollipop in Nana Plaza, Let’s get to ogling…

I’ll admit that Lollipop isn’t one of my must-see spots when I hit Nana, but not for lack of ambience. There are simply too many bars in NP and a monger has to prioritize. Usually, when I darken the door of Lollipop, it’s for a nightcap at the end of the evening, or sometimes a mid-mongering oasis between visits to other, more rambunctious locations (rambunctations for short, copyright BKK7). Nana is an adult version of Disneyland. There are far too many attractions, so a fun-seeker must prioritize. When you visit the Magic Kingdom, you gotta make a beeline for all the best rides first—Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Splash Mountain…but at some point in the sense over-stimulation, you need to take a break, and seek something less endorphin-inducing. In the House of Mouse, that’s typically either Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted House, or the Jungle Cruise. Something mellow to help you calm down and catch your breath. Lollipop is the Jungle Cruise of Nana. In Lollipop, you can slow your roll for a minute, sit back, and relax with a chilled-out pole dancer by your side, who won’t hit you with the hard sell or pedantically ply you for drinks. One of the major differences between the vibes of Nana and, say, Patpong is, Nana feels much more corporate. They cater mainly to tourists, so the almighty baht is king, and the gogos there operate as such. In Nana, it’s less about getting to know you and more about getting at your wallet. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if that’s what you’re into. The bars there certainly do rake in the cash.

But Lollipop is distinctly “un-Nana” in that regard. In fact, the joint seems like it’d be a better fit over in Patpong. The girls at Lollipop are as close as you can get to the carefree attitude of Patpong girls beyond the Pong. Of all the dancers in the Plaza, they’re the least stuck-up, and most laid-back. It’s easy to fall in love with a Lollipop girl because of the warmth and friendliness they exude. You won’t find the hottest girls there—those types gravitate to places like Billboard and Butterflies. But you will find girls with hearts of gold, who won’t mind if—as you share a booth—your hands happen to wander over her swimsuit area. So keep this in mind when the bars reopen (notice I did say “when,” not “if”—a monger has to stay positive). For those who like a less-frenetic, more “Pirates of the Caribbean” type of gogo experience, when you find yourself in Nana, make it a point to hit this joint and check out what we mean.

And if, after this, you’re still hankering for more pics of gogo girls, I’ve posted another album over at patpongnightlife.com. And between now and next week, keep your head high, your hopes higher, your fridge stocked, and your junk ready. For this inane lockdown too shall pass, and we will return to the red-lights—revived, replenished, and rejoicing.