Happy Sunday, reader. My name’s Seven—part-time writer for BKKNites and red-light rat in residence. The last couple Raps have been leisurely strolls down Memory Lane, back to the days when the gogos were open, and we mongers had a home-away-from where we could wet our whistles and—ahem!—other things. And since these bastions of base behavior remain closed, thanks to government paranoia about a virus that is 99% survivable, our weekly flashback albums are the best we’ve got, at least for now. So let’s roll up a cigarette, grab a Leo from the fridge, and sit back on the couch with these awesome photos from inside another gogo.

This week we’re remembering Kiss Bar—a small, Thai-owned joint on Patpong Soi 1 that hasn’t been redecorated since the early 80s and is all the more charming for it. Kiss Bar lacks the flash of last week’s featured bar—Billboard—and certainly doesn’t have as beautiful a lineup. But for years running, they held onto a core group of girls that were surprisingly sultry. And some of them were downright hot.

Full disclosure: I went to this bar 7 nights a week every week for around five straight years, so it holds a special place in my heart. For a time, I created their music playlists, helped choose the beers they ordered, and even contributed to Halloween and Christmas décor. On top of that, a handful of dancers became a kind of circle of friends for yours truly, the aftermath of which extended beyond the boundaries of the bar. Back in the mid-20teens, the stars of Kiss Bar were Ann, Mint, Sai, Pai, and Miww.

Ann—who I’d nicknamed Big Sis because her younger, chubbier sister also worked there—became a dramatic foil for my hero-monger alter-ego in Patpong. She relished pretending to be permanently cross with me, sporting a pouting, grumpy face in between the photos I snapped of her with my phone. She’s classically beautiful, with a face that looks carved from porcelain and perpetually young. Her taught, fit body is a sight to behold, especially on a gogo stage.  Despite her small stature, she’s somehow statuesque. And she knows it. She’s the leader of the gang, purely by virtue of her pulchritude.

Mint—the youngest of the crew—was the first to get pregnant and leave the pole. It happened in 2019, but before that, she had a body that looked like it was made in a sex factory. Her hotness caused instant boners. My buddy Lucky and I nicknamed her Babyface, because she had a pair of cherub-like cheeks that seemed left-over from infancy. There wasn’t an inch of fat anywhere else on her, but those cheeks were positively pinchable. She also had a great sense of humor. Over half a decade, I never saw her in a bad mood. In addition, she sports a pretty badass back tattoo.

Speaking of tattoos, Sai is the most tatted-up girl in Patpong. She looks like a hard-edged biker bitch, with her half sleeves, thigh ink, and massive back tatt. In reality, though, she’s the sweetest girl you could ever meet. Her tattoos are a metaphorical photo negative of her personality. She’s demure, almost shy, has a soft touch, and is more comfortable nestling her head against your shoulder than shaking her ass onstage. In short, she’s plain lovely. Maybe that’s why she got such aggressive-looking ink—to counterbalance her adorable disposition.

Pai is Sai’s BFF, so I guess it’s fitting that their names rhyme. Before I learned her name, I called her 6-Pack, for obvious reasons. She has abs so hard you could bounce a quarter off ‘em. And personality-wise, she’s the opposite of Sai. She projects a deferential, coy demeanor, but behind closed doors she’s a sexual hellcat. She’s the kind of girl that’ll saunter up, plop down next to you, and sling her leg across your lap while stealing a sip of your beer. Once, when I went to the loo for a piss, as I pulled my tackle from my boxer briefs, before I could start my stream Pai sneaked up behind me, reached around and gave my junk a squeeze, then ran off laughing.

In 2019, the above four gals made a collective decision to leave Kiss Bar and take up the pole at Glamour on Soi 2. They worked there for a year, and were in the process of a prodigal return to Kiss when the Koof hit. Then we all know what happened. The gogos closed, then reopened, then closed, then reopened. At the end of 2020, the owner of Kiss Bar decided to shutter until the lifting of the tourist ban, while a handful of other gogos tried to weather the storm. This sent Sai and Pai to XXX Lounge, where they remained until the latest lockdown, and which is why—if you caught the photo spread from two weeks ago—they might look familiar. I presume that when the bars get permission to open again (fingers crossed for June), they’ll be back in XXX.

Miww went her own way. She moved to Phuket in 2019, cut her hair, and disappeared into the red-light ether. Occasionally I see updates on her Facebook, but for the most part she’s dropped off the radar. Back in 2016, Lucky and I nicknamed her Avatar, because she had the most unique-looking face. Her eyes were alien-like. She could’ve had cat DNA, for all I could tell. And while this description might make you think she was ugly, quite the opposite is true. She was positively mesmerizing. Add to that her lithe, lean figure and sexy dance moves and you get what she was—a kind of live-action anime heroine that stirred the loins of men and women alike. Of all the girls in this crew, she’s the one I knew the least but liked the most. She was an international minx of mystery, and when she bailed to Phuket, I felt a sense of loss. When Kiss reopens—hopefully before the end of 2021 (we’ll have to see how quickly Thailand can achieve herd immunity)—I’ll be checking nightly for Miww’s potential return.

In addition to this list of hotties, there was a slew of other dancers at Kiss Bar who, for one reason or another, I never got to know. This blog is but a slice of the sexy pizza that was the roster in that tiny gogo. Here’s hoping they can bounce back to their pre-Koof status. Will the core crew return? It’s hard to say. It’s a waiting game. While I wait, I’m going to peruse these photos from time to time and whimsically recall the days when an out-of-the-way, unassuming gogo on Soi 1 employed some of the sexiest dancers in all of BKK.

On that note, if you need another dose of gogo girl pics, head over to the Sunday blog on my website: http://patpongnightlife.com/2021/05/23/lockdown-lasses-gogo-dancers-at-home/

Swing by next week for another Flashback Album, and between now and then keep your fridge stocked, your junk prepped, and raise a glass to what is still the best country on Earth—Thailand. Cheers.

PS—this week I’m sharing the photo credit with Jack Nites. His are the well-lit, in-focus, properly-posed ones. Mine look like a drunken sloth aimed a phone in the direction of a girl and fumbled for the shutter button.