Cyberpong Network to launch Lifetime Memberships Sale With 6116 Unique NFTs

Cyberpong Network to launch Lifetime Membership Sale With 6116 Unique NFTs

The unfolding of the global COVID 2020 pandemic caused seismic shifts across all businesses around the globe. The arts, entertainment and adult business were equally affected. Virtually all brick and mortar “real life” businesses came to a standstill. Digital, already on the rise, skyrocketed.

CyberPong (CYP) network a platform active in the adult sphere, delivers a creative response in this new era, elevating and transforming the matured adult industry to a new level, with the creation of next level online entertainment for adults. 

It achieves that by combining a virtual gamified navigation platform with independent and interactive livestream channels from selected arts and entertainment venues across the globe for a community of like- and open minded members.

Fully embracing the latest fintech wave of the NFT world CYP on June 13th, Cyberpong will launch the sale of 6116 unique NFT tokens, that serve as life time membership access keys to the rising Cyberpong network.

Currently is comprised of seasoned established adult rated content providers in Southeast Asia, featuring livestreams from GoGo bars, fetish clubs and even the CNN featured Patpong Museum  in Bangkok, Thailand.

In March 2021 the first livestream event Kink Empire was broadcasted live from BarBar fetish club, and is followed by the Pussy Galore livestream – a 3 hour topless extravaganza with 20+ super sexy and super fun Asian Girls from legendary The Strip GoGo Bar in Bangkok. Stay tuned for exact dates.

Next in line is the release of the daily livestream format the “Cyberhour” featuring a daily one hour interactive stream straight from the cyberpong virtual world. To fully grasp what that actually means one needs to check back and login. Virtual rooms with real live talents interacting with the audience in realtime. ‘s foundation is built based on the feedback of its core and founding members. All life time members who own a unique NFTwill come in shortly, will enjoy exclusive privileges such as lifetime access to CyberPong, its activities and events, as well as extensive voting and vetting rights for the further evolvement and development of Cyberpong.

About Cyperpong Holding

Cyberpong provides next level online entertainment for adults. The company holds partnerships with renowned clubs in Patpong, Bangkok the world’s premier adult entertainment location. They include gogo bars, fetishclubs, and recently launched CNN featured highly critically acclaimed Patpong museum. CYP builds its adult playground community on through a revolutionary new game-like navigation ability merging online adult fun with true live adult content and action. It is a producer of spectacular live streaming events, bringing live adult GoGo action to your home letting you participate in the action. 

Cyberpong is also a digital real estate landlord for brick and mortar outlets in adult entertainment providing turn key solutions ranging from digital scans to hosting, to streaming, to financial transaction services. Recently CYP hosted its first successful high class, vivacious, eclectic yet fun adult three-hour live fetish broadcast with hundreds of participants tuning in from around the globe. In addition to pay-per-view, lifetime memberships are available, granting members privileges in perpetuity for activities throughout the expanding online network. 

Cyberpong strictly adheres to SSC standards and is in compliance with CFR 2257.

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