Absolute Angels Bangkok – The Interview

Hi Angie, thanks for giving us this opportunity to get under the hood of possibly the best escort agency in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Q1. How long have you guys been operating?

Good afternoon BkkNites, thank you for having me. Our Bangkok based escort agency Absolute Angels Bangkok has been in business since November 2014. We had our first “soft launch” in October 2014 but things didn’t really get fully started until the following month. It took almost a full year until the business really started to get noticed. In the 1st year we were only getting a few clients a day but now, our phone lines will not stop ringing and the demand for our escorts if massive.  We are processing a large amount of requests each day and many clients are booking weeks and months in advance to guarantee availability. In the beginning, we would take any client (we needed the business and feedback) but now, we only accept professional gentlemen, couples and sometime the occasional female tourists but single female clients are rare.

Q2. Absolute Angels Bangkok? Tell us where the idea of the name and idea of your business came from.

Great question BkkNites. This was heavily discussed for 3 weeks between 6 different people including myself. We had so many different names, all were good but none were great. Nothing really jumped out or gave us that feeling of professionalism and success. Then somebody (a person who had nothing to do with our business) overheard the owners conversation, suggested the name and WOW! it was like a light just came on and everyone all agreed immediately to use the name.

Q3. A lot of people maybe will think, Ladyboys and Ladies, Wow I can get it all here, what is the thinking behind this, as I have noticed a lot of agencies and bars will only go for one specific gender.

To survive you need to be flexible and ever changing. You need to give variety to the customer without overdoing it. Too much variety will confuse clients and cost you sales.  You never want to confuse your targeted market or dilute your products and services that are offered. Balance is key and it is extremely difficult.

Q4. Do you think your pricing is fair? And say you get a complaint or bad review, what actions do you take and what customer service do you offer?

Our posted Rates & Services are very competitive and fair for the high quality of customer service, escort and services which are offered by our agency.  Some agencies offer a much lower rate but other agency’s quality of escorts and customer service is very poor, low class and many times their escorts are fake. You do get what you pay for. If you pay a cheap and low price, you get a cheap and low quality escort. We do not offer services to cheap or low class and clients. We do not need or want their business.

As for getting a bad review or comment from a client we handle it as quickly, and as professionally as possible. We take into considerations on who the client is, if they are a returning client or new and which escort the complaint is about. We listen to both sides of the story, review historical records of the escort in question (past reviews, quality of services, honesty, timeliness, etc.). We quickly make a well informed decision and take the appropriate correct action (if needed).  If a claim made by a customer is true and dependent on the level of severity of the report made, many different types of action are warranted such as a simple apology, quickly replacing/swapping the escort for a new one, a discount for a future booking, partial refund or termination of the escort and of course a deep apology by the agency.  Clients can always also just not accept a booking after meeting an escort and for any reason within the first 10 minutes of meeting an escort but the client is required to pay 1,000 THB for the escort’s travel expenses (as posted on our website under our Rates & Services webpage).

Q5. How many girls and Ladyboys do you have at any giving time available to work?

We currently have 94 escorts (both girls and Ladyboys) working for us. On average, we have about 50 escorts available each day. This is due to vacation time, sickness, personal time off due to a woman’s monthly cycle, cosmetic surgery, family issues, etc. It is ever changing and you need to be in constant communication with your employees to know who is available and when. It also is very helpful to be a trusted manager and friendly with your employees (to a point). This allows your employees to feel comfortable with to you and tell you the truth. Trust between escort, agency and client is our #1 mission. We (the agency) always try to do what’s morally and ethically right for both escort and client.  At the same time keep the business running and profitable. Most importantly, we treat our employees as family members with kindness, freedom, flexibility and understanding. Many other agencies treat their employees very poorly and sometime even threaten them. We are a professional business and like all good businesses, you need to treat your employees fairly with empathy and compassion. Our escorts are free to come and go as they please and are allowed to turn down any booking for any reason if warranted.

Q6. What sort of experiences and services do you offer as an Agency?

First, Absolute Angels Bangkok is the #1 leading escort agency in Bangkok, Thailand with a very high client return rate as well as high customer satisfaction rate. We quantify and analyze every detail of the business. We also have posted (for client review) an anonymous past client survey and the results can be reviewed by clicking on the following Survey Monkey link https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-K95SFMCX/ (survey period: 28 March 2016 – now).

Our escort agency provides highly skilled, educated, friendly and professional female and Ladyboy escorts who offer outstanding services for the distinguished gentlemen, experimental couple and single female client.

Q7. Give us a general run down of a day in the life of an Escort Agency Owner, what does your day entail?

A lot of very hard and dedicated work, heavily focused on customer service and employee relations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with no holidays… ever for the owners and manger. Employees get as much time off as they want or need, owners and the manager never have a day off.

Angie, thanks for taking time out and chatting to BkkNites, good luck and have a great day.

Absolute Angels Bangkok escort agency is open 7 Days a Week 12:00pm (noon) – 02:00am

Website Address: https://www.absolute-angels-bangkok.com

Local Call: 085-555-4219

International: +66 85-555-4219