A Tinder ” Good Girl “

Tinder Good Girls

When my buddy Jon arrived in Bangkok one hot and sticky Monday in August, his first question after checking though Immigration was “Are you going take me to Nana?”

I told him to take a breath and relax, that he had two weeks and lots of time to appease the devil on his shoulder and empty his wallet and clean his pipes.

By 6.30 p.m. I had decided to take him to Soi 7/1 and show him the infamous “Wood Bar” (formerly known as Dr BJ’s), 20 minutes later and Jon was 1,000 baht down yet very happy with services rendered.

Jon expressed his gratitude, and went on to tell me he installed Tinder and Wechat on his mobile. An hour in and he’s already telling me he’s made contact with a “good uni girl’ whom he will meet at 2 a.m. after she finished partying at Insanity nightclub.

I tried explaining to him that you don’t meet good uni girls on Tinder at 2 a.m. but then I thought, what’s the worst that could happen?

Fast forward two weeks and 3 or 4 meet ups with said uni girl (and many other ladies of the night) and it’s time for Jon to go home. He informs me he would like one last venture down to Soi 7/1 to check out Wood Bar one last time, as we walk along the soi, he gets this shocked look on his face, grabs me by the shoulder and, pointing, asks me something that still makes me laugh. “Is that the uni girl I have been shagging sat outside Wood Bar?” I couldn’t say for sure, so he continues on up Soi 7/1 and walks on in, the girls all come inside for a line up and our “good girl” takes a seat and eventually decides to look up from her phone. She is gobsmacked but keeps her cool, and as sure as shit my mate picks the girl next to her for his farewell BJ.

4 hours later and I’m sat at the airport ready to wave goodbye to my buddy. He sends a mischievous last message to his uni girl “it was nice to see you again” not expecting a reply, but as he is about to depart his phone beeps. “Yeah it was”.

“What a place!” he shouts, as he boards the plane.